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SMSF Loan – Off-the-plan security, insufficient serviceability within SMSF

Our client purchased an ‘off-the-plan’ property located in the Brisbane metro area, leveraging their SMSF. One year later when construction was complete, the lending policies for SMSF had changed, meaning that organising finance through traditional channels and lenders was no longer possible.

GCC Home Loans facilitated the finance for this client, using a unique lending product that allows the loan to be viewed as an ordinary property loan, while establishing an agreement in the background to ensure compliance as a SMSF loan.

Such a lending option is particularly helpful when the borrower’s property location is not acceptable to SMSF funders, or if the loan capacity of your SMSF alone is insufficient. We are experts at uncovering opportunities and options when often clients are told there are none.

Amount:              $388,000

LVR:                    80%

Interest rate:     4.79%

Lenders fee:       $8,410