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Looking to purchase rural property?


People looking to move away from a big city should consider investing in or buying a country property in Australia. Whether you are interested in working and farming the land, retire and enjoy the scenery and laid-back lifestyle, or purchase as an investment, property in the country can be a great solution.

There has been a steady growth in land values in agricultural areas from 2014 and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down. This is expected to continue as country areas become more popular, particularly with the retired demographic, as well as with institutional and private investors.

Purchasing property as an investment?

There are more than six million people living outside the big cities in Australia. That means a large market available for rural investment. If you are looking at renting the property out, then you need to be aware of current rental and occupancy rates and how popular that area is with residents.

Living and working the land?

If you are looking at making a living from the land, you need to conduct thorough due diligence with the property and its produce. Is it already producing at a reasonable rate? Does it require further investment to get things up and running such as equipment and landscaping?  

Research is the key to making sure you have all the necessary information at hand to make an informed decision when purchasing rural property. Your expectations need to be in line with the type of property for which you are looking. The Australian outback has a vast range of different climate and landscapes all producing different types of crops and livestock.

Country properties can be a great investment whether you are looking to relocate and enjoy the simpler life or purchase an investment property for additional income. At GCC Home Loans, with their vast network of over 250 lenders, finding the best solution to your quest for country living is just a phone call away. If you have the questions – we have the answers.